The most important thing to note... 

We strongly consider ourselves a safe space for all.  We are pro LGBTQ+. Pro BLM. Pro equality for EVERYONE.  If this does not fit your beliefs, or you have something also in your profile that goes against our safe space policy we will ask you to amend your profile/not speak of those things in public, etc... We also believe in free speech. So if your beliefs do not fit our beliefs, we simply ask you venture another venue.  We want everyone to feel safe, welcome, and equal at Burrow! 

Rule 1:

The golden rule. Don't be a dick. If you are a jerk to other patrons, griefing, or causing excessive trolling we will ban you permanently. 

Rule 2:

Our group fee is 250L. This is non refundable and if you are banned from the sim, you are kicked from the group.  The group gives access to temporary rezzing rights, group gifts/perks, news on our events, sim info & more.

Rule 3:

If you rez on the sim temporarily, please clean up after yourself. Any prim left out will be auto returned.

Rule 4:

 We are a welcoming, not discriminating environment. We do not discriminate against race, species, sexual orientation, etc... we ask that you abide by the same values while visiting our sim. 

Rule 5:

Any & all avatars are welcome to the Burrow Sim, but please be respectful and reasonable during events. Over sized avatars, the wearing of particle or noise emitters, loud gestures, bumpers, bright distracting lights, etc... may be asked to be removed if they are causing lag or distraction. 

Rule 6:

We welcome any and all conversation, but please keep it respectful. Please understand that all walks of life visit the cafe, and there will be times that there is a difference of opinion during conversation. Please be adults & respect one another. If you want to debate or dispute a topic with one another please take it to a private IM box. 

Rule 7:

We are a moderate sim. Tasteful nudity is accepted, but privates/bits must be covered.  No sexual acts of any kind are to be performed on the sim. Cuddle all you want though! 

Rule 8:

Absolutely no solicitation of any kind. No asking for money. No business propositions. No bloodlines/attack/spamming games. Nothing. We will ban without a second warning for this offense. 

Rule 09:

Abide by Linden Lab  TOS. Anything that breaks TOS will result in banning.

Rule 10:

Avatars must be at last 7 days old to access the Burrow sim. This helps us avoid griefing, but also allows folks to become accustomed to Second Life and how it operates, prior to visiting.

Burrow Company is open 24/7.