Burrow Pride Fest 2020

This past weekend we had the opportunity to partner up with Second Pride for a 10 hour music festival featuring 10 incredible musicians, all performing to support the LGBT+ community. 100% of the proceeds went to Second Pride + their affiliated charities, and I can proudly say we raised a grand total of L$155,450.

Our musicians who were a part of our event were Mimi Carpenter, Rara Destiny, PT Beardmore, Tally Mercury, Skye Galaxy, Phemie Garfield, Emma Ness, Charlie Toomuch, Stephanniyah Sinatra, and Ry Anne. All 10 performers were truly incredible and to have ALL that talent in one place was such an honor. I am so appreciative to each and every one of these artists for taking time out of their busy schedules to participate in a great cause. I've truly never been so proud to see not only the Burrow Community, but the Second Life Community come together for such an important group of people. It warmed my heart immensely & gave me a renewed sense of faith in our little virtual platform.

The crowds were so interactive & an absolute blast, and at one point we even hit 101 people on the sim! I don't know how we did that, but it was funny to see! At the end of the night our entertainment manager Sassy Starlight put on a beautiful firework display for everyone who was still remaining at the event.

Our dear friend Vanity Mirror was kind enough to snap some photos during the event that I would love to share below:

Attero & Vanity

Aria & Lucky


Lots of friends in the photo above! Thank you again so much to everyone who attended and contributed to Burrow Pride Fest 2020. We are truly grateful and appreciative to see the community come together in the way that it did for the LGBT+ community.

Miss Mirror thank you again for such lovely photos during the event. We love you.

With Love,



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