Our DJs

DJ Andreas North

Andreas North is a DJ/Producer whose career exceeds a full decade and focuses on Deep House. Throughout the years, DJ Andreas North's talent didn't go unnoticed, resulting in quite a few tracks being produced by mainstream Electronic labels. His style could easily be described as a blend of ambient/contemporary sounds, enriched by complementary vocals and all built up on a solid harmonic bassline.

DJ Anubis Darkwatch

My name is Anubis Darkwatch. I grew up listening to music, and was always the ‘guy with the crapload of cassettes’ at parties. I started to DJ at parties regularly and eventually got my start at my college radio station. After college I started DJing online, and have since shifted gears to creating mixes and making parties rock!  By day I am a scientist… working in Molecular Pathology, testing DNA from patients for mutations that cause cancer. By night, I shift gears in passion from science to music, and enjoying every second of it. The Journey has been fun…but the best is yet to come

DJ Chance Nova

Chance Nova became a resident of the virtual world Second Life™  September 2009.  Inspired by other Second Life™ bloggers Bronson Twine a.k.a (ir)regular guy and Harlow Heslop he took the plunge and began sharing his style and images in May of 2011.  Chance is an audiophile who has been a real life and virtual DJ for over two decades. He is featured in Second Life™ exclusively at the Burrow Coffee & Whiskey Co. and its former iterations. Traversing Second Life™ with roleplayer, partner in crime, best friend and Queen of Rainbows, Jaxynn Nova, the duo have a great time having a laugh and engaging in shenanigans with family and friends.  Chance is an avid roleplayer, music lover, film buff and comic book collector and inker.  Tigers are his spirit animal and red his favorite color.  Chance is a creative soul and Second Life™ provides a platform for him to express his creativity where he is no longer capable in real life due to chronic illness and pain.

You can find his photography work here 

DJ Chopper Gurbux

I've been DJing since 2010 when I had my own Sim on Inworldz.com.  Came back to SL in 2016.  Play almost any genre and themed parties.  I've done weddings, Fantasy Faire , SLB events , currently DJ for the Men in Motion shows and every month I have a themed party at Idle Rogue on the Guerilla Burlesque sim

DJ Electric Monday

♪♫ Electric is an evangelist about music - she makes her love for her favorite records completely infectious. ♪♫  Electric began her SL as a wanderer in early 2007...she started DJ'ing in 2010 and has loved bringing her eclectic tastes and finds to friends and others for various parties and events. Through her sim, The Sim Quarterly, she invites a different 3D immersive artist to create a sim-wide installation every 3 months. Her passions in SL include art, music, and her friends - in fact, when she's not DJ'ing she can probably be found at a Skippy table with them! Her store, Bunyi  sells ambient sounds to create your own soundscape on your land or environment.

DJ Jennifer Python

I have been in Second Life since 2008 and, in that time period, been involved with nearly every aspect of this world. DJing has been the one constant over the last 9 years and I am happy to bring my joy of music to The Burrow & Whiskey Pub.  Playing a wide-range of styles and genres of anything from Indie Dance to Retro House and many styles in between. When I'm not spinning, I spend time exploring the grid and playing games with my family and friends. 

DJ Lucky Spiritor

I’m Lucky Spiritor (Lucky Conundrum) thanks for taking a few moments to wonder about who I am. I have been a Second Life member since July of 2009. My original avatar has long since been retired and I have been active on this one off and on since August 16, 2011. I've dabbled in a little bit of everything in my time on the grid. I recently took doing the one thing I hadn't done and that is DJing. I stick to doing mostly Rock music as that is my favorite type to play. I blog very rarely and take pictures just as much.

DJ Mordecai Wayfarer

Though relatively new to SL I'm a career DJ of 20+ years who loves music and greatly enjoys running my sets. When I'm not entertaining I'm either relaxing somewhere quiet (like The Burrow!), spending time with my friends or going dancing with my mate, Timber.

DJ Orrec

Aloha! Coucou! (H)ola! Hello! This chubby ginger cub rolled into SL over 9 years ago, not really knowing what he was getting himself into at the time. Been a dancer and host for several gay clubs on the grid, until my friend from Brazil who is sadly no longer with us (Harry Newmann) told me one day I should try being a DJ instead, when we had one of our evenings sharing music videos via YouTube. Some friends suggested to first get some music together, so by the time I was ready to debut back in July 2017, I was excited to tell him the time had finally come, but he was offline for some days... he never got expierence a set of mine, but I know his spirit is still with me and without him I would not be doing this still. I do not mix myself, but as I grew up with music from my parents and grandparents, along with my international friends I met along the road (even been a Manager at the international Yala Club), my ears have opened to a lot of music of around the world I would not have discovered otherwise and it makes me happy to share all the sounds with those that are willing to dive into my eclectic collection. Also, I love cats, meow.

DJ Osiris

Dj Osiris has been DJing various places for the past 12 years. His personal eclectic taste has brought him familiarity and knowledge of many different genres.  While he came to Djing by chance it's become something he enjoys and though he has a very busy work schedule, he continues to work on refining his skill and continues to create inclusive sets to engage every type of music lover.

DJ Phen

Hi, I'm Phen, from Middle England.  I have been just about everything from a fairy to a gorean slave in my 10 years plus in sl. These days I spend my time blogging, dj'ing and hosting. I have been a Dj and Host now for a little over 2.5 years.  I have a passion for all kinds of music, but especially like rock, country, and a bit of modern folk too. My sets tend to be very random, but I do like to make them upbeat and fun, sometimes throwing in the odd comedic element!

DJ Spice

Born Nicaraguan , living in Texas , came to  SL  4/28/09 , I started working on sl clubs  as  Manager , dancer , Dj , making cloths    and now Im focusing on   DJ'NG the best Latin , R&B, Jazz, Latin Techno , Reaggeton    Music on SL , won the Soultrain 2016 Award's for best island music and was presented with 2018 ZNX Black Excellence Gala Award for female dj on the grid as well many nominees from SL Source magazine and Awards as best female dj won second place and many more nominees  .

DJ Wain

DJ Wain has been DJ'ing in secondlife since 2010. He spins all sorts of genres included EBM, Goth Rock, Industrial and Classic Rock. By no means is that the exhaustive of his tastes and talents. Starting as an sl fashion model, he continues his interests in fashion and art all over the grid.

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