Our Baristas

Anesthasia Lyon

My name is Anesthasia but most call me Ane and some call me Anne of Not So Green Gables! I have been in Second Life for nearly 14 years now and I can honestly say it has had its ups and downs but I am still here!!! I have done so many different things within sl.. I was a dancer, a hostess, a DJ, a clothing store owner, a pose store owner, and now I own and run 2 shopping events. When I do get down time I like to spend it with friends and music and thus The Burrow!! Its better then that last comfy stool at the end of the bar in Cheers. Everyone's always so upbeat and positive and it really is like coming home to a houseful of friends.

Brooks Conundrum

Brooks here! I'm an old soul, a cat mom to Mittens, proud barista at Burrow, mental health advocate and a live entertainment & spoken word enthusiast. You can find me at Burrow often, and every second Saturday of the month for our open mic spoken word event called Spill the Ink @ 4PM SLT! I'm also a proud mentor of SOS (Survivors of Suicide) and I run a bereavement group every Sunday at 12PM SLT! I love the social and creative opportunities Second Life has to offer us. It's an honor to be a part of the Burrow community.

Cygnoir Blanc

I'm Cygnoir Blanc, but you can call me Cyg because it's much easier to pronounce! I joined Second Life in 2004 when a friend told me about it, and I've been smitten with it ever since.  My favorite thing to do is to wander around in search of intriguing places and people, which is how I found Burrow! As soon as I walked in the door, I was welcomed, and soon after I met some wonderful friends who make my SL shine.  While I'm at Burrow, I enjoy listening to live music and playing games. Most of all, I love helping people! I'm a RL librarian, so helping people is a big part of who I am.

Isadora Fiddlesticks

Isadora or Issy as she likes to be called these days is a timey-wimey soul who loves Doctor Who, Star Trek and most Korean TV series. She discovered Burrow just this year after a long hiatus from Second Life and the pandemic kept her from going out. She is grateful for The Burrow for being her community and solace. As Burrow's barista, she loves to hang out with people, dance, and converse about many topics. 

Kasumi Hayashi

Hey there! I'm Kasumi! I've been a Second Life user since 2006, and in that time I've been a part of a number of communities, but Burrow is by far my favorite. I love the diverse group of people that come here and the great conversation that comes out of that. I'm a big lover of animals, punk music and video games. Talk to me about any of that and we'll probably be best friends, maybe! 


Hi my name is Leo I have been in second life for about 9 years I came across burrow coffee co on a youtube ad for second life. I paused the video searched for it and found the landmark I went there and fell in love with it. Its peaceful place for anyone that wants to escape reality. I may have a fox head and that is ok and please dont judge me, my real life friend called charmz has the same one we are two separate people that love to hangout and chill if you see us both feel free to say Hello we maybe afk with real life or you maybe surprised that we might even talk back :)

Perky Button

What up! It's ya girl, Perky B! I may be a part-time barista, but my experience with The Burrow runs deep. Oh the stories I could tell. I've lost count of the number of Hurricane Harlows I've weathered and I take great pride in the history and memories I've been so blessed to help create within our little community. I enjoy chats about music, synchronized dancing and not taking myself too seriously. You may catch my Grandma Moa waddling around The Burrow from time to time, she's a hoot and make sure to never turn down her home made cookies.

Sady Littlepaws

I have been a Second Life™ resident since 2006.  My favorite thing about SL™ is that its a platform for creativity on multiple levels. Besides my role at Burrow, I have several other jobs across the grid. I enjoy blogging, photography, shopping, and hanging out with my friends. You'll often find me standing afk at my home in the sky above Burrow. You can check out my flickr here.

Sól Mercury

Hello there! My name is Sól! My favorite color is yellow, and I love sunflowers. My personality is generally bright and cheery - just like the sun! (Sensing a theme here? LOL!) I'm swiftly approaching my 8th year of being a member of Second Life, however, I only discovered Burrow at the beginning of 2020. I loved that no matter what time I went to Burrow, people were genuinely open to chat and get to know other people which has helped me feel more comfortable breaking out of my introverted shell. When I'm not at Burrow being chatty (text or voice!)I manage jazz singer Roxanne DeVinna or cover music related events as a blogger for Lutz Music. Recently, I've taken to posting pictures on Flickr of my in-world cosplays - and all tips for taking photos in SL are always welcomed! I really believe it's important that my interactions with a person are encouraging and positive - so I like to conclude interactions with a little wisdom that I call a combo of Mister Rogers and Bill and Ted which is: "Until the next time we meet on the grid, be excellent to yourselves, and each other." If you see me at Burrow, feel free to say "Hey girl, hey!"

Tiffany Parkin

A resident of Second Life since 2006, Tiffany has seen it all (well, almost) on the grid.  After several years of working in the music and club scene as a manager and host, Tiffany made the shift over to photography and blogging in 2018 and has never looked back.  Well, until Sady twisted her arm to become a Barista at Burrow. You can check out Tiffany's photography on Flickr.

Wolff Bikcin

For me, it’s all about the chat. Whether it’s music, movies, books, culture or just about life, I’m eager to talk! I only discovered the Burrow a few months ago, and I can honestly say, it is the most amazing, welcoming community of talented and delightful individuals I’ve come across in my 13 years of Second Life. My RL background is higher ed. I love to travel, both nearby and afar; I love meeting new people; and I love that first cup of coffee in the morning. And I can think of no better place to enjoy it, than the Burrow!

Burrow Company is open 24/7.