Our Hosts

Ameya Moon

Bio Coming Soon.

Arya McLeod

Hello there. I am Arya. I have been a resident of SL since 10/14/2006. Been hosting off & on for years. I model, take pics & blog things that others create. Love to wander & explore. So exited to have found Burrow Co. It’s an amazing place!  Other things I like to do in SL...shop, hang out & chat, meet people, hunt, dance & listen to music. Favorite music? I’m all over the place with that....music is mood & I go with whatever I’m feeling at the time....A bit of a spooky girl. Love all things Halloween. Other things I love: Autumn, COFFEE, full moons, striped socks, bats & spiders & things that go bump in the night, boys in eyeliner, unicorns, vampires...and I could keep going. Wanna know more...ask! I am always ready to make new friends! My Flickr. My Blog

 Brooks Conundrum

Brooks here! I'm an old soul, a cat mom to Mittens, proud barista at Burrow, mental health advocate and a live entertainment & spoken word enthusiast. You can find me at Burrow often, and every second Saturday of the month for our open mic spoken word event called Spill the Ink @ 4PM SLT! I'm also a proud mentor of SOS (Survivors of Suicide) and I run a bereavement group every Sunday at 12PM SLT! I love the social and creative opportunities Second Life has to offer us. It's an honor to be a part of the Burrow community.

Catherine Milena

Hello  you can call me Cath  typo queen ;)  In  the past decade i been on and off from sl but always conected with music and hosting.  When i dont host you can find me hopping all over Second life  cheking out love music or taking poctures for my flickr

Delusional Grantham

Hello there everyone! My name is Delusional but everyone calls me Del. I've been in Second Life since 2010. When I'm not feeding my shopping addiction and taking pictures for my Flickr and blog, I can be found exploring beautiful sims and spending time with friends.

Jaxynn Nova

I've been a resident of SL since 8/31/2009.  I first started coming to Burrow back when it was known as Blithe.  My best friend Chance introduced me to the venue!  I've been DJ Chance's musical side kick (hostess) for quite a few years in SL.  I really enjoy engaging other Burrow Dwellers in conversation.  I also like to roleplay refilling coffee cups, and be goofy in general.  I'm notorious for throwing out random questions just to get people chatting.  I came to SL with my late husband Tristan Wroth (aka "Wolfie") and my best friend, Chance Nova.  From day one, we've had many interesting adventures together.  Though Wolfie is no longer with us due to losing his battle with cancer, Chance and I still enjoy a lot of our favorite past times in SL, including but not limited to roleplay, shopping, clubbing, spending time with our SL family, and being geeky over all.

In real life I'm obsessed with my precious dog, Katy and my cat, Boots.  I love being close to the coast in Texas because the beach is my happy place.  I enjoy fishing, crochet, reading, and experimenting in the kitchen.  I'm a fan of cats, dogs, polkadots, glitter and the color pink.

Lia Mistwalker

Hola ! I’m Lia .  I’ve been a resident in  SL since 2009, I started to host in July 2009, I enjoy interacting with people around the world.   I have discover different style of music I have not heard in my life.I am very passion house music ,deep house and variety. ;)   I enjoy exploring different kind of adventures in second life. I am very passion in music, photography, fashion, and art . I am Fashion blogger . You can check out my flickr: Fashion Therapy https://www.flickr.com/people/liamistwalker/ flickr  I love helping people with any question about hosting or fashion . I host with my partner Dj Andreas North from Spain . Come check us out sometime at Burrow No.9  Beautiful atmosphere! Good Vibes <3 Peace & Love

Lizzie Alchemi

Hey, I'm Lizzie! I've been sporadically on and off Secondlife for the past decade or so, and I have finally found a place to call home! Burrow has helped me create long-lasting friendships with people that I consider family! Some of the RL things that I enjoy doing are singing and playing my guitar, cycling, dancing, creating moments that make life exciting, and always wondering what good things are around the corner! I enjoy being creative, through drawing and painting, and I enjoy exploring new sims in my spare time. I'm always willing to welcome and make new friends, so if you see me in-world, please don't hesitate to say hi!

Phen Griffin

Hi, I'm Phen, from Middle England.  I have been just about everything from a fairy to a gorean slave in my 10 years plus in sl. These days I spend my time blogging, dj'ing and hosting. I have been a Dj and Host now for a little over 2.5 years.  I have a passion for all kinds of music, but especially like rock, country, and a bit of modern folk too. My sets tend to be very random, but I do like to make them upbeat and fun, sometimes throwing in the odd comedic element!

Shyralei Hexem

Hai, I'm Shy! I've been on this avi since 2011, but I've been around SL since 2009. I'm a blogger, photographer and am known to change looks hourly, if the mood hits me. I love all sorts of music; fantasy, horror and sci-fi films; Korean and Japanese culture; and Hello Kitty. All your Hello Kitty are belong to me! I'm a witchy brat who loves to make people laugh, and I am proud to be a part of the Burrow Company family!

Tiffany Parkin

A resident of Second Life since 2006, Tiffany has seen it all (well, almost) on the grid.  After several years of working in the music and club scene as a manager and host, Tiffany made the shift over to photography and blogging in 2018 and has never looked back.  Well, until Sady twisted her arm to become a Barista at Burrow. You can check out Tiffany's photography on Flickr.

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