Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Gus? He keeps talking to me in local chat at Burrow...

Gus is our puppy mascot! He is a black & tan longhair chihuahua and modeled after Harlow's real life pup named Gus. He loves to greet (and flirt) with anyone nearby. Just give him some love & a good pet and you'll be friends in no time.

How do I get up to the Whiskey Pub?

We try to make it easy & obvious but it's a question we get asked OFTEN!  There are two ways to reach our whiskey pub in the sky! Across from the main coffee bar there is a door that leads up to the pub. Just click it and you will magically teleport!  You can also utilize the teleport board right through the main entrance.

I want to donate, but where?

All over our sim you will see little "piggy banks" with orange hover text above them.  You can donate lindens directly to those.  

Why do you not host more live musicians?

We are huge fans of live music in Second Life.  That being said, we also have a very limited budget.  We believe that musicians deserve to get paid their requested booking fees, and the big bucks for their talents & time.  We simply don't get the opportunity to hire musicians very often because of this, and refuse to beg artists to play for anything less than what they ask for.  We do try hard to hire musicians whenever we financially are able to, & we have a few artists who have graciously insisted on playing for us sans fees.  

How do I get to the Beach? The Campfire? Etc?

Around the sim and in the main entrance of the cafe, you will find our teleport board! It will take you to all the main places around the sim!

Are you hiring?

We are very selective about our hiring at Burrow.  Our Baristas are typically folks who have shown committed interest to Burrow over time, and want to be a bigger part of our venue.  DJs/Musicians can contact our Entertainment Manager Sassy Starlight in world to discuss playing at Burrow.

Are you a dance club/lounge?

We are not a club or a lounge. We consider ourselves an inclusive community sim with a variety of activities and interests in mind.  While we have DJs & themed dance parties, they are only a small portion of the wide variety of events & activities that Burrow offers.

What is the Burrow dress code?

There is no dress code at Burrow. Come as you are/dress however you'd like. We also allow tasteful nudity, just no sexually explicit adult content & private lower bits must be covered. 

What types of avatars are allowed at Burrow?

Any and all types of avatars are welcome at Burrow as long as they follow the rules and guidelines of Linden Lab TOS & our Burrow sim rules & are not interfering with others enjoying the sim.

Burrow Company is open 24/7.