Burrow Co.

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About Burrow

Burrow Company is a community environment in the online virtual world Second Life™.  Opening in 2009, it was created by Second Life™ Resident Harlow Heslop, and originally was under the name The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse.  In 2018, the community re-branded under the name Burrow Coffee & Whiskey Company, and in 2020 after an extensive expansion to our full sim, we simplified to the name Burrow Co.

Today Burrow hosts a wide variety of hangout spaces on our full sim, including a cafe, whiskey pub, biergarten, gaming area, scenic beach area, live outdoor stage, & more.  Areas on the sim are always subtly changing throughout the year so check back for new features often!  You can read more about all of our individual areas & locations here.

Burrow works hard to bring a wide variety of events to the grid including live musicians, DJs, themed parties, open mic & poetry events, philanthropic events for causes we firmly stand behind, & much more.  

We encourage you to check out our social media accounts, & in world group to keep up with news & events taking place on the Burrow sim.

As always we thank you immensely for the love, support, and donations you show Burrow.  Without your love & support Burrow simply would not exist. We appreciate you. 



A selection of wonderful photos taken by Second Life™ Residents while visiting Burrow Co.

Brooke Slayer
Aria Christen
Delusional Grantham
Adaline Huntsman
Chezza Slade
Harlow Heslop
Gemma Rowley
Aria Christen
Adam Cayden
Sylvia Olivier
Tiffany Parkin & Sam Steele
Harvey & Harlow Holiday
Mollie Macbeth
Sady Littlepaws
Chickadee Tremor & Gus
Serenaelia Villiers
Witchcrafts Resident
Tally Mercury
Perrain Berenohn
Harlow Holiday
Tiffany Parkin

Connect With Us

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We are always happy & willing to be contacted with any questions or concerns regarding Burrow. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

General inquiries & concerns please email us or contact our GM Aria Christen in world.

All entertainment inquiries please contact Sassy Starlight in world.

Burrow Company is open 24/7. 

Chickadee Tremor & Gus